Have you always found organisation a challenge?

Has it got harder since becoming a parent?

Are you diagnosed with ADHD, or have you come to realise that you live with some ADHD traits, even without a diagnosis?

If you've said yes to any of the above, then I am here to tell you that there ARE things you can do to help make life easier and I can show you how.

I've been there, I've got the tshirt. I may have mislaid it more than once but I'm still here and I've found ways to thrive thanks to my years being a Mum, Clinical Director in the NHS, Trustee for a not for profit and business owner, as well as my own lived experience as a parent with ADHD.

Empowering you to...

  • Find strategies relating to your disabilities that work in your parenting world

  • Enhance your joy and harmony

  • Maximize your superpowers

Here to help you navigate the waters of every day life

Find your spark, find your flow.


  • Fun and interactive with a guaranteed ahha moment!

  • Work with someone who gets you, is perceptive and is by your side on this journey.

  • Plain speaking. No jargon. Challenging, but in a compassionate, caring way.

  • I help you find a way that works for you while alongside others who you can identify with.

I particularly help parents who have ADHD traits. Some of you may have a diagnosis and others may be thinking things like...

"It's tricky to get organised for me and the little person"
"Parenting is a bit different to what I was expecting"
"Ahh I can’t use the old life strategies I used to now"
"How do I manage the ups and downs?"

What you do know is it would be great to function on what little sleep you get, enjoy your family and hell, even get out out the door on time!

This is where I can help, I help you find the key to the strategies that will work for you where you are at. 

Parent Thrive™ Coaching Course

Our course designed for neurodiverse parents which will take you past surviving to thriving as a parent!

Now running at introductory price of £97 per month

Helping you thrive!

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Our Parent Thrive™ methodology helps you unlock your parenting potential and enhance your feel good factor.

A: We give you life hacks that will help balance those tough days, enhance the joy factor and give you some wellbeing strategies.

B: I can make sure you are optimising your superpowers so that you can shine and feel more in control. Help make sense of how you and your brain work as well as key areas of childhood development.

C: Lets thrive not just survive. We get clear on what that means for you and your family and how to get there.

Practical Wisdom courses - Helping you navigate life and enhance your joy and harmony. All courses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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Hi. I’m Helen Davies….


I help fellow parents who have ADHD traits gain more tricks to make their life easier.

I am someone who has lived this and been through that journey of being different, an original thinker, and have both ADHD traits and dyslexia. As a single parent I have felt isolated. I have been frustrated that my disabilities I thought I had more under control, not only were back in full force, but also that my old strategies had become redundant! However, I found new ones and reclaimed my mojo. I can help you do the same.

I help parents make sense of their world, feel more confident, understand how the brains works, increase their strategy toolkit and make the most of their superpowers. I have been a mentor and coach for a couple of decades now. I am also a Mum, Clinical Director in the NHS, Trustee for a not for profit parent-led out of school club and develop affordable and accessible online wellbeing courses.

I am determined, caring, insightful and have a great sense humour. People are my thing! I get out of bed every day to make a difference. It’s what makes me tick and am here to make a difference for you.


I really enjoyed her delivery and style. She was also so patient with us all.

Ready to solve our problems so we could all see what was possible for ourselves when applying the simple but great strategies she showed us.

- Yvonne Omini


In a short space of time she gave me some golden tips / tools, with emotional support and permission to work with my processes rather than against it.

Helen's advice was friendly, accessible and exactly what I needed!

- Adam Bastock